Checking In: 2023-06-21

Checking in for 2023-06-21:

  • Was going to work on my entry for the Pepper&Carrot Game Jam but my brain is currently in the rejection mode for this concept. I'm recognizing this as part of the creative process though so I'm not completely buttoning this up and tossing the idea. But it's going to take a little more work to get to where I want to be with this idea. Definitely not going to have this done by the end of the jam.
  • Today I have my "protein diet" in preparation for the PET scan tomorrow morning. I'm pretty risk-adverse to cooking chicken, but apparently it's as easy as "heat the oven to 375F, put in glass pan, wait 40 minutes". Scan is at 8am, and usually takes the entire morning. The nice thing is that scan tends to be the most chill of the tests that I've had.
  • I didn't get a whole lot of sleep last night, in part because Pixel decided at 4:30am, 5:30am, and periods in-between that we needed to be awakened to service her needs. Adorableness is the only thing keeping cats from being trebucheted into the sun.
  • I found myself on the social media this morning instead of working on my storyworld. See above re: tired and brain-rejection.
  • I'm reminding myself of all of the things that I adore about the Fate RPG system, and of all of the things that also make my brain freeze about the system. The good news is it can do an awful lot. The bad news is it can do an awful lot. I need to winnow down to what I want to do with it for a small solo campaign. Also I absolutely adore Minimalist Fate Solo, though I wish it used actual skills instead of Aspects for challenges. Perhaps I can hack it to do what I want. Hmmm.
  • I'm starting to see more games wit Cezar Capacle's Push system. Honestly it's taken over the whole "heist" category that Forged in the Dark occupied in my brain. Not to say that there's anything wrong with Forged games, but I'm finding a particular elegance in the whole "push your luck" mechanic of Push. And what is a heist but pushing your luck and watching things fall apart.

That's where my head is at the moment. More as I know it.