Checking In: 2023-07-11

Checking in for 2023-07-11:

  • Doctor's appointment this morning, so my morning is pretty cut-up. Checked email first-thing while eating breakfast. I think I realized that the main thing I do in the morning is eat breakfast, get coffee, and open email to see if there are any bears present. Fortunately there were no bears present at all. Whew.
  • Also realized that I'm resisting playtesting a game I have because I'm not certain it works. I need to get out of that mindset. The way these games get better is with playtesting, not the lack of it. Also, I need to add "playtesting" to my vim dictionary.
  • I spent a bit of time getting Syncthing to no longer sync my "Default folder" to my phone. This folder has things like my todo list, inbox, and a few other directories. I've basically pulled my task list and capture from my phone. I never found any tools that were fantastic for what I needed. I used Markor and Simple Tasks for a spell but frankly I don't check my next actions from my phone, and Markor just feels clunky to me. Don't get me wrong; it's great for what I was using it for as a quick note-taking device for random ideas, but the interface didn't really make that a joyful experience. I have to face it: my ideal phone interface is a physical keyboard and ssh into a desktop machine. And before every mobile-fanatic warms up their onscreen keyboards to tell me how to fix my problem let me cool your fingers a bit: I don't want to fix this. I'm content to leave this how it is. I literally don't care about mobile. And considering Michigan's new harassment law, erm, I mean hands-free law using a phone in a car is now a liability. Don't believe me? Read the Michigan Hands-Free Law 2023 yourself.
  • Related to this I realized that we could theoretically put copies of our insurance cards on our phone. Then I thought about this for a second. The last thing I want to do is hand a cop my unlocked phone during a traffic stop. So yeah, here's another reason to have a laser printer in your life.
  • We're doing Lean Coffee discussion at our MUG Meeting meeting tonight. I learned about Lean Coffee from Rob Donoghue during an online presentation at (I believe) GenCon. It was such a powerful experience that I tried it out with our group and had amazing success. If you're interested in learning more I hope you'll check out our decidedly Unix-ey spin on it.

That's all for now. More as I know it.