Checking In: 2023-07-26

Checking in for 2023-07-26:

  • Received my Lonsurf medication today. I'll be starting my first round of it tomorrow. Hoping that it gives the beasties in me something else to do other than continue multiplying on my liver and such. This stuff is no joke. In addition to the pills they give you a kit which feels like the "feelies" for an Infocom / roleplaying game (four trays for the pills, three manuals, and a thermometer.) So it'll be interesting times ahead.
  • Also got more nitrile exam gloves because, again, this stuff is no joke.
  • Got my latest round of Bevacizumab (nee: Avastin / Mvasi / Zirabev) today.
  • Didn't do my morning routine because my chemo was pretty much first thing. It's also, funnily enough, the most important thing for me.
  • I think I need to get up earlier. I've noticed patterns with my diarrhea. I'll make a separate post about my findings with this (trust me, it'll make TMI seem like regular I).
  • Still working on my interactive storyworld.

More as I know it.