Checking In: 2023-08-04

Checking in for 2023-08-04:

  • I'm tired. Like, super tired. Tired in the same way that one is when they get done mowing a lawn without the benefit of adrenaline to help buffet the tiredness. If I didn't have a morning engagement I would be crawling back into bed.
  • This tiredness makes it pretty difficult to want to open up to other possibilities. I'm finding the focus of things that I want to tackle incredibly small. I'm working on adjusting my lists accordingly. Couple this with several appointments next week and the likelihood of me agreeing to anything more than a video chat is pretty remote.
  • I took yesterday off as a form of mini-retreat, and wondering why I didn't extend this throughout the weekend. It helped me to get my perspective back and not feel so overwhelmed.
  • I keep having to remind myself that Lonsurf is chemo, and I'm always tired after chemo. This is five days of chemo. It's not just happy-fun-time pill-popping.
  • Come to think of it I've never done any happy-fun-time pill-popping.
  • I'm working on trying to soften my grip on things in my life instead of hardening. It's been a challenge. Tiredness really brings out my inner curmudgeon, and not in a fun way.
  • I'm letting myself have a break from social media. I'll still be checking notifications from time to time but unless I can shake this tiredness it's just going to irritate me more.

More as I know it.