Checking In: 2023-08-11

Checking in for 2023-08-11:

  • My dad and I mowed the lawn this morning. It was nice to get outside and take care of things as much as we could. I dread doing the lawn each time and then when I get out there I kinda enjoy it. What's up with me?
  • Managed to also squeak in a weekly review this morning so I could make sure everything on my lists is current.
  • I'm a little tired. I was sitting on the bed with my emotional support kitten but she would rather take advantage of the ability to have a proper sleep under the covers. Who am I to argue?
  • I think I figured out what my "Revenge procrastination" is about. When I wake up in the morning there are a lot of things that have to happen. Part of those are getting ready for appointments, shots, pills, and other morning activities. It's a lot to take in all at once. Also (and this is definitely in the "Too Much Information" category) the morning usually has a spell where I need to relieve a lot of bowel movements. Lately I can't even make it through breakfast without having to make a run for the bathroom. So there's a lot going on. At night it's quiet. I don't have to run. Unfortunately it also means I wake up tired and (worse) later than I'd like. Need to find the balance between the two.
  • Still working on getting myself back to working on my projects. I'm tackling a lot of smaller things and leaving the bigger things behind. That's partly because of the bandwidth I can allocate to various things. Hoping to get back to the bigger things soon.

More as I know it.