Checking In: 2023-08-15

Checking in for 2023-08-15:

  • PayPal has decided to make their Business Debit card pretty much useless. On September 12th they'll no longer use your backup funding method (read: your bank account). This resulted in me taking the time today to think about all of the paces that I use that account and update accordingly. Fortunately PayPal has an easy way to cancel the card, so they at least get kudos for that. But, still, I could have used today for other things.
  • Spent the rest of the morning trying to figure out my prescription for Lonsurf. Dr. Jaiyesimi upped the dosage, but unfortunately the refill is for the previous dosage. AllianceRx (nee Walgreens) is like a god-damned dog with a tennis ball over getting these renewals scheduled, so I not only went online with their site but also got a phone call about it.
  • Also spent part of the day wrestling with CSS and layout in HTML. We've really over complicated things.
  • I had trouble getting to sleep last night. Going to try again tonight to get to bed before midnight.
  • I continued my read-through of the Assembly Language Programming for Atari Computers. Still plugging away with this.

More as I know it.