Checking In: 2023-08-24

Checking in for 2023-08-24:

  • Started taking the Lonsurf this morning. Had a fun experience where two of the pills managed to stick to the cotton so I accidentally threw them both out. Managed to fish one pill out and take it along with its four other brethren. Way to start off the cycle.
  • I'm up to five of the 15 6.17 mg tablets. If the last cycle is any indication I'm going to be a little run-down. Trying to incorporate some exercise into this with playing drums, doing some juggling with Exerballs and riding the exercise bike in the basement. If I'm feeling brave I might even go for a walk outside. Reason I haven't been outside walking is because of the surprise diarrhea that can creep up on me. That and the weirdness with the air-quality.
  • Did you know that Mackinaw means "turtle"?
  • Worked more on the Pepper&Carrot RPG. Finding some formatting weirdness and scary messages being logged, but I'm still finding myself wanting to work on this project. One thing that I love about LaTeX is that it does copious amounts of logging to let you know what's going on. Unfortunately I'll need to figure out what's going on and get things situated. That's requiring me to learn a lot about how LaTeX does things. But I'm not above learning.
  • Last night we had some horrendous storms. We're talking lightning light show, thunder, and the works. Pixel was not having any of it and spent most of the night in the basement. She was definitely out of sorts this morning. Poor kitten.

More as I know it.