Checking In: 2023-09-05

Checking in for 2023-09-05:

  • Checked in with Dr. Jaiyesimi today. The White Blood Count being so critically low is expected. On Thursday it was at 2.2; today it was at 0.7. So I'm hoping that we can get it back up with the Zarxio shots. The Lonsurf is doing what he expects it to do, which also interferes with the bone marrow production (which, in turn, interferes with white blood cell production. I'll need to schedule a follow-up for next week.
  • My tiredness has been pretty epic lately, which stands to reason as my blood numbers are pretty whacked-out. Looking forward to this rest period.
  • I have chemo tomorrow with the Bevacizumab (nee: Avastin, Mvasi, Zirabev). Looking forward to that.
  • (Yes, these drugs are part of my daily check-in template. I got tired of finding links for them. You're welcome.)
  • This morning we had a new side-door installed on our garage. That precluded me making any progress on my projects as they were here around 8:45 a.m. to install the door. Fun fun.
  • We finished the first season of Buck Rogers in the 25th Century and are now on to the second. The first season was campy good fun. The second is proving much less fun and less campy. It's only 10 episodes though so hopefully we can endure it to the end. Proof that American TV can take what worked and throw it completely out the window.
  • I'm putting a pause on learning assembly language for the Atari 8-bit machines as I'm not finding the time anymore. Will give it some time to percolate before trying again.

More as I know it.