Checking In: 2023-10-31

Checking in for 2023-10-31:

  • I published an updated version of the Pepper&Carrot Fate Accelerated RPG to I have a lot of clean-up still to do with this file (adding images, making things look like someone actually would read them, etc.), but I'm happy with the results thus far. It's starting to look like an actual RPG so that's kinda nice.
  • Today I have my meeting with Dr. Jaiyesimi (something I should be getting ready for. Eep!) Going to make that happen.
  • Got up a little later because I didn't get great sleep. Something in my shoulder is knotted up and it makes things a bit uncomfortable. Not sure what is happening there.
  • It's Halloween today. Go celebrate it. We only get one of these a year, contrary to what the Ministry song says.

More as I know it.