Checking In: 2023-11-03

Checking in for 2023-11-03:

  • Managed to add more for Quassia in the Pepper&Carrot RPG. Still plugging away at this.
  • Did some errands today. I had a note that I was going to mail off. I was going to walk over to the post office box but decided against it. I'm glad I did. I took my walk around the block and felt a little winded mid-way through. Still need to build up my strength.
  • While I was walking I felt quite the opposite of what I felt the last time that I walked. Last time I felt good and happy and a bit liberated. This time around I felt tired and worn out and winded. Same route, but different results. Need to practice with this.
  • It is telling for me that my most powerful decision-making apparatus is still flipping a coin.
  • Started the Zarxio shots today. I am forever grateful that JoDee has taken the time to learn how to administer them. Otherwise it'd be yet-another-trip to the hospital.

That's all for now. More as I know it.