Checking In: 2023-11-17

Checking in for 2023-11-17:

  • Took today to do my weekly review. I decided to move some projects over to my someday / maybe list to help me clear the decks a bit so I'm not as overwhelmed.
  • I realized I haven't done any reading or game playing as of late. Hoping to give myself more permission to do things that don't involve a keyboard or a monitor in the coming weeks.
  • Slept this afternoon for a bit. Pixel was on the bed with me for a little bit, but she couldn't get comfortable so she left.
  • Thinking about minimalism again and cutting out things like commitments, possessions, and such. I feel like I have taken on a lot and it's dragging me down. That's partly because of the tiredness that I'm experiencing but it's also because I have a lot of things that aren't where they should be sitting around my desk, my office, and our basement. Going to do some serious cleaning and decluttering this winter and get things to where I'm not looking at a bunch of things that are just laying around.

More as I know it.