Checking In: 2023-11-18

Checking in for 2023-11-18:

  • Managed to figure out the font situation with the layout of the Record Shop journaling game. I also did a little bit of layout for it. It still needs more work but overall I'm quite happy with the results. I'm also learning a lot more about LaTeX and how to debug things. It's giving me ideas for the other projects that I have going.
  • It's also making me wonder if rewriting the Pepper&Carrot RPG in Markdown and convert it over to LaTeX / PDF is the way forward. On the one hand it'll help with some of the hyperlink issues that I'm going to have to sort through. That's definitely a huge undertaking, but it's going to be a bunch of work no matter which way I turn.
  • I took today off to relax. I managed to knock a few things off of my lists.
  • We watched three episodes of The Bleak Shop of Stuff which was an amusing parody of Charles Dickens and Victorian England.

That's all for now. More as I know it.