Pepper&Carrot RPG converted to Markdown

Yesterday I spent most of the day converting over the Pepper&Carrot Fate-Accelerated RPG over to Markdown. The original document dates back to when I started this project back in (mumble mumble) and as such it managed to attract a lot of cruft as I was learning not only more about LaTeX but also layout, design, and creating a RPG based off of another system.

In other words, it became too unwieldy for even me to understand.

I used a template from Nip'ajin to get my bearings in LaTeX. Unfortunately the creator's knowledge of LaTeX is way stronger than what I know, and over time I made some assumptions that weren't correct. I started having issues with creating things like a table of contents, redefining sections, and handling links. That and I decided that the two-column format wasn't what I wanted anymore.

Now, you might think that something like Pandoc can take a LaTeX file and turn it into Markdown. If it's simple LaTeX then it might, but for this project I just created a file, imported the LaTeX source, and began hacking away at it with vim. If your editor can't make short work of a complex task then find yourself one that does.

It took some doing, and there is still more to do, but I have everything pretty much as I want it (with some formatting and other issues still in play. If you are an expert at Pandoc, LaTeX, and layout please get in touch). But overall I am happy with the results.

You can download the latest at