What's in my bag

I take a backpack with me to chemo and my doctor visits. This is essentially my laptop bag, which travels with me whenever I'm out-and-about. It's an Ogio backpack that JoDee got for a steep discount when OCC closed their bookstore. Over the years its accrued a few things, especially with my cancer. So, without further ado, here's what's in there:

  • My laptop, which is a T450s. I use this like a cottage computer but it's powerful enough to do most of the things that I'd do on my desktop machine. Really happy with this laptop and I think I'm on team Thinkpad judging by my last laptop (an x120e that started developing a short in the screen and it was more trouble than it was worth to address it properly).
  • An extension cord with three plugs on the end. This was a habit that I picked up when we were at Coffee House Coders in person and outlets were sparse. It's a heavy-duty one that folks would use for appliances and what-not and has served me well.
  • A Logitech M557 Bluetooth Mouse and a David Revoy mousepad that I got from his shop on Deviant Art. Unfortunately I don't think you can get it any longer, but you can find other mousepads to choose from.
  • Westone in-ear pro monitors. I don't believe in noise-canceling headphones because they damage the signal. Instead I prefer to block the outside world with in-ear earplugs that musicians use on stage. Since the music I listen to is the opposite of whispering waifs playing over soft guitars I think I can get away with that.
  • Field Notes book and several pencils. Never leave home without 'em.
  • Kleenex, Band-aids, and other sundry items (not sure what all is in there. I need to clean this out).
  • Charger cable thingie. I think this can be removed since most things standardized on USB a long time ago.
  • Change of underwear. Self-explanatory, given my disease.
  • A pair of Vater 8A sticks. I mentioned this before that I carry these in my bag not for an impromptu jam session (I play either Vic Firth American Classic Metal for practice, or 5A / 5Bs from Vater or Vic Firth for speed / jazz). Nope, these are in memory of Bill Rieflin, who had Stage 4 colon cancer and still managed to tour with King Crimson until his death in 2021. It's a memory of those that have trod this journey and about how to carry myself with grace, dignity, and enthusiasm.

There's a few other things in there as well (a pair of JVC headphones that I use whenever I mow the lawn, just so I know where they are) but those are the biggies. That's what is traveling with me on my back when I head to chemo and doctor's visits.