Checking In: 2023-12-11

Checking in for 2023-12-11:

Last week I had a rough time getting my head together to want to do any work on things. I attribute that to doing a lot of work on the Record Shop journaling game. Whenever I put a significant amount of work into something I fall off with the rest of my projects. I think that's part in wanting to relax and part in just my mind rebelling. I think there's also part of me that wanted to work on the Sacred Bow and get that started, as that was where my mind went.

I'm back to wanting to do things again, which is nice. I released the aforementioned Record Shop journaling game today after working on the cover, so I can cross that one off of my lists.

I'm still working on my Sacred Bow. Lots to unpack in here. One of the things that I'm hoping to crack is my feelings of overwhelm. I think it's in part because I have a hard time doing just one thing at a time. I keep thinking about the future and not being so much in the present. Compound this with my procrastination tendencies and it can make for some distressing feelings. Hoping to address this more in the coming weeks and months.

Tomorrow I have my doctor's appointment. Hopefully my numbers will be OK. We'll see.

More as I know it.