Checking In: 2023-12-19

Checking in for 2023-12-19:

Got my Epoetin alfa (nee: Procrit) shot today. Outside of my CAT Scan and Lonsurf I don't have much else scheduled for this week. That's kind of a good feeling.

I'm irritated at Wells Fargo. Apparently they require a Medallion Signature Guarantee stamp on the paperwork for transferring over from my SEP IRA to a Rollover IRA. So I have an appointment to get this financial grisr-gris affixed to yet-another-copy-of-a-form.

Today I did a little bit of updating for the Wiki of Pepper&Carrot. I didn't finish it quite yet so I didn't commit it quite yet, but it'll be forthcoming.

I was feeling slightly overwhelmed earlier today so I decided I'd just sit and focus on one thing at a time. I need to keep reminding myself that this is the way forward with this.

I'm at the point with the Sacred Bow where it asks you to rage about the emotionally charged items on your Letting Go list. One thing I have no issue with is rage. I put in my in-ear monitors, put on some angry music, and grabbed my Vic Firth American Classic Metal drumsticks. These sticks are like playing with 17" tree trunks (not as much as a DC10 stick but close). Gave myself a real work-out with my rage.

So, what did I rage about? Here are some items I'm letting go that are emotionally charged for me:

  • My inability to be out in the world without worrying.
  • My tiredness.
  • Worrying about my disease
  • My inability to commit to exercise.
  • Overwhelm

That felt really good.

More as I know it.