Checking In: 2023-12-26

Checking in for 2023-12-26:

Last week my intention was to stick to working on my most important projects. That was a little difficult with my health being what it was. Wednesday was a bust with me on a Lorazepam (nee: Ativan) snooze, and I spent Thursday recuperating and taking it easy before my CT Scan. Friday I did my weekly review. This week I'm working with getting back into the swing of things

I took yesterday off to really be present. That was an enjoyable experience that I'm grateful to have.

I've let the Pepper&Carrot RPG go a bit because there's going to be some history changes as a result of Episode 39 so I'll need to rewrite parts of the wiki and RPG. That's not a huge issue (the changes are minor overall) but it's still present in my mind. I might work on some other things like trying to come up with a compelling story to tell for my Interactive Storytelling engine (or, better yet, porting over some old code to the new personality model to see if it still works).

Pixel is overdue for her yearly check-up so we've designated Friday as the day we'll try to corral her into her carrier. She has gotten more crafty and more aware of our machinations to get her into her carrier to take her to the vet. Pray for us.

I'm meeting with Dr. Jaiyesimi (my oncologist) later today. Hoping to ask him about the results of the CT Scan and ask him about the Olanzapine (nee: Zyprexa) to see if that's an "as needed" thing or if I should be taking it daily.

My sinuses are going today. I think that means I need to drink more water.

More as I know it.