It's never cake, redux

I last mentioned that it's never cake with PET scan results from last year. Well, it's still never cake. Dr. Jaiyesimi was disappointed with the results from the CAT scan. It means that the Lonsurf hasn't really worked the way he'd hoped. He's pulled me off that and the Bevacizumab, so no chemo tomorrow. There's a new drug that he's planning on putting me on (I didn't quite catch the name of it) that is also an oral tablet. I'll know more when we review his notes. Right now I'm awaiting scheduling for a blood transfusion because my red blood cell count is horrifically low. We've moved up my Zarxio shots to today to bring up my white blood cell count.

It's never cake.

I was hoping for at least some good news from all of this. I guess the main thing is that I'm still alive, still fighting, and still strong enough to keep fighting. I'm just tired of the cancer evading our best efforts. Dr. Jaiyesimi hasn't given up on me and I'm not giving up yet. I'm just tired of watching the options dwindle, and the effectiveness of these drugs fade. I know I'll never be better, but I'd like the ground to be stable for just a little bit longer.

I'd just like there to be cake for once.