Designing a Well Lived Life: Checking In (2024 January)

Checking in for January for my "Designing a Well-Lived Life" blogging. This is about making small changes during the year to make larger changes.

  • Exercise and work on getting more healthy and as cancer-free as possible: Made a little headway with this over the past month but also ran into issues with my health early on that made this difficult. I'd like to restart this again in the coming month.

  • Release a storyworld into the wild: Working on some tangential material for this. More to come as I get closer to releasing it.

  • Learn more programming for the Atari machines to get more comfortable creating for them: Didn't give this much direct attention though I did find myself looking at some 3D programming for the Atari ST books. Like I need another thing to play with.

  • Finish up or hand-off the Pepper&Carrot RPG: This went by the wayside over January. Going to try to give this some attention in February.

  • Update the Pepper&Carrot Wiki: Similar to the previous intention. I'd like to start this up again.

  • Meditate: I've been doing some lazy-meditation in the shower. Maybe I need to add some actual time for meditation in my calendar. But I also know that putting things in my calendar is a good way for me to ignore them if they're self-imposed. Will need to play with this.

  • Declutter, simplify, and focus on the essential: Definitely didn't do much of this. I've got a few things that need to make their way out of the house. Perhaps I can focus on this over this coming week and get them out of the house.

  • Relax my frustrations and be more accepting of things as they are: This has been a challenge. I've had some frustrations with my health that are not as simple to just let go. This is definitely going to be a practice area for me.

  • Continue removing debt: This also continues to be a focus though I slid a bit in January. Going to prioritize this for February.

  • Hang up my hangups - allow myself to be more creative and playful: This continues to be a challenge. I still view my lists as chores to do, not things that I get to do. I'm also wanting to play some more games but realizing that I'm overthinking them instead of just, y'know, playing them. Definitely need to learn how to play again.

January was challenging for me with my health issues and a general feeling that my disease is progressing further. I'm in a better place than I was at the beginning of this month (the two transfusions and the paracentisis appointment really drilled home that I am not OK). But I'm learning to cope with the changes in my body and be more accepting of what's going on. That's all that matters.