Checking In: 2024-02-12

Checking in for 2024-02-12:

Last week my intention was to work on my most important task first thing in the morning. My mornings have been really thrashed as of late. I can't seem to come to a morning routine that is somewhat consistent. There are parts that are consistent (taking pills, getting cleaned up, etc.) but as far as working on anything I'm having trouble getting things situated. This morning I woke up tired and didn't want to get up at all. I felt stressed and overwhelmed. Part of it was just feeling tired from the night before and part of it was the anticipation of the cardiologist appointment this afternoon. I have a hard time focusing on things if I have an appointment later in the day. Doubly so if it's something that I need to prepare for. I worked on relaxing and just trying to focus on what was in front of me without giving this too much thought and I somewhat succeeded. Going to practice with this tomorrow and throughout the week and see whee I land.

I'm somewhat procrastinating on the next steps for the Interactive Storytelling book. Part of that is because other things are grabbing my attention and part of it is that I need to come up with new material. Hoping I can get a chance to work on this tomorrow.

The visit with the nurse practitioner at the cardiologist's office was better than I expected. We checked the veracity of my iHealth Track blood pressure monitor and found that it was more-or-less accurate. That's good for its accuracy but not great because my blood pressure numbers have been really high. She dropped my prescription of Metoprolol and changed it over to Carvedilol. We'll see how that goes.

I had a happy little experience today. After the appointment with the cardiologist I went to Meijer to pick up my prescription. I parked in my usual spot and noticed a car that looked strangely like my parents' car. On further inspection I realized it was their car. I went in to get my prescription of Losartan and was told that if I waited 30 minutes I could pick up m new prescription of Carvedilol (nee Coreg). Figuring that I could kill 30 minutes I said "sure" and wandered Meijer to see if I could find my parents. After some searching I didn't see them and decided I'd wait at home instead. As I was walking in the parking lot I saw them heading to their car. I came up behind them and probably startled them. Rather than head home I headed to their place where we talked for a bit over coffee. Once the script was ready I headed back to Meijer and headed home. That was a purely unexpected surprise.

More as I know it.