Checking In: 2024-02-13

Checking in for 2024-02-13:

Today I started the Carvedilol (nee: Coreg) to replace the Metoprolol (nee: Lopressor). Already I can feel the difference. I'm feeling slightly dizzy today, but not bad enough that I couldn't concentrate. I did take a quick nap this afternoon while doing a load of towels.

I also read through a workbook that is tangential to the book that I'm writing for some ideas. Unfortunately the book itself was at an introductory level for the types of Interactive Storytelling that I'm describing so it wasn't too useful overall. What it will help with is showing some of the deeper interactivity that can be had with Interactive Storytelling. So, not a complete waste but definitely not what I had hoped to get out of it. I'm being purposefully vague about the book itself because otherwise it's a fine introduction for what it is and doesn't deserve to be painted in a negative light for what I didn't find in it. At least Pixel got some quality time with me on the bed while I was reading it. Unfortunately it didn't take me long to finish it so she was barely through the cleaning cycle prior to her big snooze before I wanted to get up. It's hard to be a cat.

I noticed a fair amount of resistance to working on things this morning. I got up later (10:00) and felt the pull of not wanting to work on anything. I did manage to get some stuff done for tonight's MUG meeting so I'm happy about that. I just need to keep remembering that I can only do one thing at a time and that I can't do everything at once.

I did some walking in the basement today to get some exercise. The only downside of walking in the basement is that I see all of the decluttering that needs to happen down there. Hoping to get back to this and get some things out of there. It's absolutely ridiculous what has accumulated down there.

More as I know it.