Checking In: 2024-02-14

Checking in for 2024-02-14:

I woke up a little early today to have breakfast with JoDee for her birthday before she went to work. I even loaded up the coffee pot so we could have "slow coffee" (what my sister-in-law calls the Mill-and-Brew coffee maker, as opposed to the "fast coffee" of the Keurig). When JoDee left I went back to bed. I haven't been getting good sleep. It takes me a long while to get to sleep because of various factors. Last night I couldn't get warm and my leg had developed a twitch. Once could actually fall asleep I slept well but it felt like an ordeal to get there. I'm working on being patient and being mindful while I try to fall asleep but that's been a slow process.

I woke up at 11:30 and attempted to work on a few things before lunch. Unfortunately I'm feeling a little stuck at the moment with how I want to structure an example storyworld for the book that I'm writing. I'm planning on setting it in a high school romance in order to show some of the intricacies that can be modeled with the tool but I'm having some trouble figuring out exactly what the encounters should be. Perhaps I'll come up with some blinding flashes of the obvious later on as I mull this one about in my head.

Today has really felt scattered. I'm going to practice focusing more tomorrow. I won't say today was a total wash but it definitely feels like I spent more time generating heat than light.

More as I know it.