Checking In: 2024-02-17

Checking in for 2024-02-17:

Today was full of fatigue. Pixel got me up a few times to eat and I had trouble getting to sleep. I've been taking naps in the afternoon as of late. I think this is one of the side-effects of my liver being very unhappy. The other side-effect is jaundice that I'm seeing in my face and eyes. This does not thrill me at all. I'm hoping that this is reversible and that it isn't a harbinger of my liver giving up the ghost. That said the Regorafenib (nee: Stivarga, Regonix) and the Carvedilol (nee: Coreg) are not exactly gentle on the liver. The Stivarga is supposed to be helping the liver but its side-effects include jaundice, fatigue, and other non-liver-happy things. I'll call Cancer Care Associates to see what the next actions are. Hoping that there are some options available to me.

One of the tumors that I have is near my bile duct. I'm hoping that it isn't blocking the bile duct, but thus far my hopes have meant bupkis with my cancer.

This is some pretty intense practice ground for me. I'm giving myself space to feel the feelings I've got around this.

More as I know it.