Checking In: 2024-02-20

Content warning: describes hospital stay and upcoming procedure.

Checking in for 2024-02-20:

I spent the night at the hospital. That's not a bad thing as I can sleep pretty much anywhere. I started fading into sleep around 21:00 but unfortunately that is when the nurse came by to ask some questions about my discharge and other matters. And they managed to take my blood pressure around 22:00 as well. But outside of that it was pretty peaceful.

Tomorrow they're going to do a Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography or ERCP for short (warning: page has graphic imagery). Basically they are going to take a camera gizmo dingus and do an endoscopy into the small bowel. It will then cut a hole into the bile duct where they will observe the duct to see where the obstruction is and if it needs a stent. If it does need a stent they can decide if it'll need a plastic (temporary) stent or a metal (more permanent, less supple) stent. So that will be done in the afternoon. Hoping that it will clear the obstruction with no complications.

It's been interesting being over 50 in the hospital, especially with cancer. The number of folks that have been in here asking questions like "how many steps to the entrance of your house" and "how many levels are in your house" is somewhat amusing. Obviously they're trying to figure out if I need physical therapy or occupational therapy but quite simply I'm able to still do and manage things. I had a physical therapist take me "around the block" and go up some stairs. When he asked me to go back down the stairs I started to go down them backwards. The bed exercises were adorable as well. After which I asked JoDee if I should have gotten my drum sticks out and played the intro to "hot for teacher" using the bed as a drum throne. I know they're just doing their job but there's a stark difference between someone who needs the help and someone like myself who just happens to have cancer and needs to not have cancer.

Hopefully I can ride the "normal" train for a very long time.

More as I know it.