Checking In: 2024-02-25

Checking in for 2024-02-25:

Yesterday I was released from the hospital. The stent didn't solve the issue, unfortunately, and my bilirubin was at 10.9 as of the last blood draw. So we'll need to take another approach. I have a note on my next actions list to call Dr. Quinn the radiologist to get scheduled for radiation on my liver tumor. This is something that Dr. Jaiyesimi has tried to avoid as radiation can be pretty hard on the body. The last time I had radiation I was intensely sick. That was on the rectal tumor and one of my lymph nodes. The liver makes this even more tricky as it is pretty central to a lot of systems in the body (filtration, digestion, etc.). I'll know more after my consultation (which will hopefully be on Tuesday).

Hospitals don't really allow for hygiene, though I was able to wipe down during my stay. When I got home I got into the shower (after a little bit of puttering around the house and on the computer). I then took a nap. My sister-in-law came over briefly to see how I was doing and I made a brief appearance between naps.

I was sent home with some powerful painkillers for my stent (Oxycodone (nee: Roxicodone, OxyContin) and Fentanyl). It's a little odd coming home with drugs that have featured prominently in headlines over the past few years. I've had to take the Oxycodone only a couple of times, and am trying to keep it that way. I'd prefer to view it as a tool and not a life-line.

Today I've been resting and relaxing. We watched the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in their return performance with Alisa Weilerstein. It was a good concert. I love seeing the DSO.

More as I know it.