Rush: Counterparts

This past week my random Rush selecting dingus selected Counterparts as the album of the week. This was the last album that released while I was in college so it has a special place in my heart for reminding myself of that period. Counterparts was also a much heavier and more guitar-driven album than Presto or Roll the Bones. It definitely felt like a different period in Rush's sound.

I listened to this album while I was in the hospital (which was a bit of a feat since hospitals are not known for being the best places for listening to music. I won't do a track-by-track breakdown of the album since I think every track on this album is fantastic and raw. It also continues the trend of albums having an underlying theme to them. The theme-current in this one is primarily about relationships and how they are all a bit of give-and-take. It also highlights the folks in our lives that do great things in small spaces that nobody will ever hear about, even if it's just staying alive while everything is falling apart.

Overall I'm glad to have given this a re-listen. It was the perfect album for this week, and I still have bits of it flowing through my brain as little ear worms. That's the mark of a great album for me.

The listening saga continues.