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    Philip Katz died April 14th (and the news sources are just now covering this. Sheesh!) at the age of 37. While you may not recognize the name right off the bat, you might recall some programs like PKARC and more importantly PKZIP. Philip was the father of the ZIP compression …

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    A lot has happened in the last month. JoDee and I went to see Midori at the Macomb Center for the performing arts (it was way cool) and some things happened at work... but that doesn't even compare (yeah, right) with what I found on Memepool today. The T.W …

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    JoDee and I went to see American Beauty this past weekend. I'm amazed at how many good movies have been leaking out of Hollywood lately. Regardless, if you like good dialog, excellent characters, and a twisted storyline, you'll like this movie.

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    Wed 23 February 2000 | tags: Rants

    If you're like most of America, you're sick and tired of "Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire" and the obviously flawed marriage from that show. True love doesn't happen that way. You need to know something about the person you want to marry. Swimsuit competitions aren't a requirement for Tom …

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