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    Ack! What a week it's been! Sorry for not wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, and double-sorry for not making Christmas cards or other goodies. And here we come to the part where I put up some lame excuse of why I couldn't spread holiday cheer: my hard drive was failing …

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    It is with grave sadness that I must let you know that Murphy passed away this morning at 3am. He was less than a year old. His vibrance, enthusiasm, and sheer tenacity is already missed. I am literally in tears just picturing his little face looking to hop in …

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    JoDee and I went to Ann Arbor this past weekend. She had a meeting with one of the professors to discuss some research she will be doing next semester. Finally, a chance for her to do the astrophysics she's always wanted to do. Of course she has a boatload of …

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