1. Radiation complete. Now, we wait.

    Yesterday I finished my fifth round of short-course radiation treatment. This is to make sure that my rectal tumor stays at bay while also killing off one of my lymph nodes that has succumbed to cancer. When I left they gave me a little certificate:

    Certificate of completion of my radiation program with the names of the folks who treated me: Kerry, Ryan, Allie, and Melissa

    I was pretty taken-aback by …

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  2. Plan? What plan?

    So it looks like what I'd previously thought was a plan is not a plan at all. Sigh. I'd thought I had about a month before surgery but that's not the case. It looks like my surgery is at the beginning of November, not the middle of December as I …

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  3. Irradiated butt

    So it looks like my butt will be officially irradiated on the week of 10/10 (Hey Europeans, finally you can stop whining about month-first dates. :) ). On Friday apparently they do pre-flight checks to make sure everything is ready for bake-off. This is going to be an interesting experience for …

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