1. COVID: Positive

    So the results are in. I'm COVID Positive. Not sure when I was first exhibiting symptoms, but it means I'm isolating even more than usual with my cancer diagnosis.

    It's not unexpected, but still disappointing. But there's not much I can do about it other than just mend up and …

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  2. The one thing I didn't need...

    This afternoon I started feeling a little feverish. The day before I had a sore throat, but I chalked that up to allergies. When the fever hit we took COVID tests.

    When the little line showed up positive I said "figures".

    As if I needed anything else on my dance …

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  3. Radio Activity

    The "Tumor Board" (the group of doctors working on my cancer case, and third-choice name for my punk-new-wave throwback band) met to discuss the results of my MRI. I met with Dr. Jaiyesimi today but every other doctor's office pretty much spilled the beans already: radiation. I haven't ever had …

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