1. Backlog

    I've been reviewing my Someday / Maybe list, which is a list of projects that I might get to someday, maybe. This is part of the Getting Things Done (R) methodology where you set up a list that you can park items that are not immediately going to get done. Unfortunately …

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  2. Novelty

    Content warning: taking about the pandemic and lockdown in the context of one of my obsessions: gaming.

    We're approaching the one year anniversary of when COVID-19 made being social a liability in the United States of America. We've been fortunate that both JoDee and I like each other and like …

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  3. Letting go to make space for new ideas

    I've mentioned before about making space for new and different things on this blog. That's been a topic that has been foremost on my mind. I've been reviewing things that I thought were true and holding them up to see if they are still true. This got me thinking about …

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