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  1. A Tale of Two Customer Service Departments

    I'm a reasonable guy.

    I start with this because I like to think that I'm not an unreasonable person. Do right by me and I'll be satisfied. But make me jump through hoops and I'll be very disappointed.

    This is the tale of two completely different customer service experiences.

    Experience …

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  2. DRM - 2K Games gets it

    Near the beginning of the 2010 I finally broke down and sent back the copy of Civilization IV that I'd bought. Yes, yes, I know, I know, it's a Windows game, but I couldn't help it. I was bound and determined to play it under Wine, and the results that …

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  3. Can I make it more clear?

    I recently unsubscribed from the Kobo mailing list. I just realized that I'm getting mail for something that I am unable to use. They have a selection for reasons for unsubscribing, with a selection for "Other..." which allowed me to type in the following:

    I no longer have the Macintosh …

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  4. Why eBook sellers get it wrong

    I just finished up the second of several surveys for Borders. Borders is trying to get into the eBook business, and it appears they have no freaking clue how to pigeon-hole me into their categories. Apparently, folks who are interested in non-DRM content, who finds the category "Mac / Networking / Internet …

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