1. Mosquitos

    Wed 22 February 2006 | tags: Rants

    What a day.... had the experience of having the French Onion soup I wanted to have for lunch leak all over the place. Not a major deal, but it's a little annoyance that drives me nuts. Grr!

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  2. Getting a little tired of the Internet

    Looks like the clowns of the Inkernet have found a new pass-time to piss me off: User accounts in phpBB. See, phpBB allows you to add a website to your profile. No big deal, right? No, it's no big deal but unfortunately it seems that people will log onto your …

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  3. Cell phone users - Health warning

    Sat 18 February 2006 | tags: Rants

    Important tip: If you're a cell phone user, and you have a Bluetooth (tm) headset, here's an important health tip. If you are wearing a Bluetooth (tm) headset, and aren't talking on it, and JoDee sees you, she'll shove her shoe through your ear. So, please, take off your Bluetooth …

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