1. Letting go to make space for new ideas

    I've mentioned before about making space for new and different things on this blog. That's been a topic that has been foremost on my mind. I've been reviewing things that I thought were true and holding them up to see if they are still true. This got me thinking about …

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  2. Why I'm looking at Basic Roleplaying (BRP), (or Why GURPS is necrotic, and how to save what's left)

    "GURPS is dying".

    Type that into your favorite search engine and you'll see many posts talking about how GURPS (The Generic Universal RolePlaying System) is either dead, dying, or not-dead-yet-I-feel-fine-I-think-I'll-go-for-a-walk. If you look carefully you'll also notice that this has been a refrain of many folks for over five years …

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