1. Alltray saved my life

    Alltray saved my life.

    OK, not really, but Alltray is the answer to one of the problems I've had with GNOME's panels. When I use GNOME, I have one panel up at the top of my screen, with a WindowList applet running in the center. This gives me lots of …

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  2. GNOME Darkroom

    One of the latest memes (or trends, if you prefer) on the net is of creative folks trying to get back to a focused environment for being creative. I've blogged about coming full circle from single tasking environments to fully windowed environments, but 'd like to elaborate more on the …

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  3. Why geeks love The Matrix

    I think I've figured out why geeks love The Matrix so much. Sure, it has lots of cool special effects, and sure, it takes place in a computer (ala Tron) but I think there's a little more to the geek love that this movie garnered. I think a lot of …

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