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  1. Jupiter Ascending: Jupiter replaced by a houseplant

    Wed 30 December 2015 | tags: Reviews

    Jupiter Ascending, or why the role of Jupiter could be played by a house plant

    JoDee and I recently watched the movie Jupiter Ascending. JoDee and I were talking about the movie afterward and it occurred to me that the role of Jupiter is completely superfluous to the movie, and …

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  2. An Honest Liar

    JoDee and I spent the evening watching "An Honest Liar" which chronicles the life of magician and renowned skeptic James "The Amazing" Randi. I regard Randi as a hero in many regards, and seeing his rise in magic and his eventual transition into a prominent skeptic was a thrill. I …

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  3. Video Games: The Movie

    JoDee and I just finished watching Video Games: The Movie. Sadly I'm a bit disappointed in the movie. It's pretty clear in this movie that video game history was written by the winners because it would appear from their telling that the following was true:

    • The 3DO never existed (the …
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