Foleo folds; Palm not stupid after all

Palm tables Linux-based Foleo

It's good to see Palm using some common sense relating to the Palm Foleo (earlier thoughts on the Palm Foleo here). When the strongest reaction to your product is "What the fuck are you thinking", you know you have a device that shouldn't see the light of day. Had they introduced a real subnotebook machine for $600, I think it would have been worth considering. $600 for what amounts to an executive docking station for a Treo? Ridiculous. I don't even think Palm really took it seriously. The photo I saw of Jeff Hawkins holding the Foleo looked like someone holding something they knew nobody would buy. There was no "oh look! Cool! You want it!" look in his eyes, more like "I'm Jeff Hawkins, and I'm a trapped man in a doomed company. We used to make cool things, but now we make overpriced cellphones. Want some?"

Palm, please update the PDA line. It desperately needs it.