Respite, then back to the chemo mines

Met with my oncologist (Dr. Jaiyesimi) today. It looks like the plan at the moment is to start chemo back up with a new palate of drugs after Thanksgiving. Dare I say I'm looking forward to this? I am in some regards. Part of this is to give this cancer what-for, and part of it is that I find chemo somewhat relaxing (though it does have side-effects such as neuropathy and intestinal issues (which seems par for the course). I did get Dr. J to laugh though when I said I had the nuclear shits after radiation. Apparently he'd never heard that before. So that was fun.

I'm feeling a lot less foggy as of late, so I'm going to do my best to get thing done before heading back into a chemo fog. I'm not as familiar with the drugs that Dr. J is prescribing for my next round of chemo, so I'll look those up and relay them when I have a chance.

More as I know it.