How to be wrong on the internet

TL;DR: I screwed up and shot my mouth off on social media about something that I didn't fully understand the reasoning behind. I'm sorry. I need to be better about doing my research and letting things just be.

I really stepped in it.

Last night I got indignant about a certain board game publisher and its online presence. I whined on Mastodon that this publisher had a website that went over to Instagram. I was incensed that they had abdicated their site to the attention-paywall of Instagram and that I couldn't find certain files on Board Game Geek.

Unfortunately I didn't know the rest of the story. Apparently in one of the forums on BGG I found out that the publisher in question had been hit hard by COVID and that it was a one-person operation now. That's really tough. And especially if you're a one-person show.

Thankfully I didn't name the publisher, and I'm loathe to do so. They didn't deserve my online vitriol and I would rather spare them any embarrassment based on my late-night barking.

The game they produced is excellent, and my expectations of how their online presence didn't deserve the abuse that I poured on them.

I'm sorry.

What I need to learn from this is that sometimes there's a damn good reason why folks do things that I wouldn't do. That's no excuse for taking to social media to vent about things that I don't have all of the information.