Checking in: 2023-06-01

Checking in for 2023-06-01:

  • I think the theme for the day yesterday was "tired". Matt, the nurse administering my chemo looked tired. Once I was done with chemo I too was pretty tired. I didn't manage to get anything of consequence done yesterday, preferring to vegetate in front of the comforts of social media and my to-watch folder of videos. I know I was tired because I managed to fall asleep during one of them. I'm also realizing that I need to be more gentle with myself when it comes to chemo and my routines. Chemo happens early in the morning to getting time to work on things in the morning can be pretty rough. When I'm sitting in the chair I can also find myself getting drained. Plus I've been there with my dad so my sessions tend to be discussions about various things (some technical, some personal, and most all of it important). I'm not sure how many more years we'll both have together so I want to make the most of the time we have. This seems like an excellent opportunity.
  • I continue to be impressed by Cairn and its offshoots like Runecairn. I was watching a video with Yochai Gal about Using Cairn to design your next RPG and it made me aware not only of the New School Revolution but also of that slight hunger I had for something really simple with just a hint of crunch to it. Plus there's a really active community in this space and they specifically mention excluding elements that got me to pretty much fire the OSR and F20 games in general into the sun.
  • Still thinking of stories to create using the techniques of Interactive Storytelling. The most important part of all is (surprise) telling a good story. I need to find one that I find not only compelling but also offers plenty of meaningful choices for the protagonist. More to come on this.
  • Chores have been piling up. Need to give these some attention.

That's all for the moment.