Checking In: 2023-06-25

Checking in for 2023-06-25:

(CW: Mention of bodily functions)

  • Still having trouble with surprise shits. Fortunately I've learned to recognize them so I can do something about them when I'm home. It's when I'm out-and-about that concerns me. Hoping that I can figure out how to get them to be a little less surprising.
  • Took this morning to complete my weekly review and really go over what all I would like to do for the week.
  • I noticed myself struggling a bit with getting started with the weekly review. Part of it was "option paralysis" where I could choose several locations to do said review. I'm definitely someone who needs to put on the proverbial blinders to work on things.
  • Neat trick: If you're wanting to do a quickie "I want to work for X minutes" and you're a command-line junkie like me, try sleep 10m & for a quick 10 minute timer. When it's done you'll see [1]+ Done sleep 10m. I have other timers that I can use but this is one that I don't have to think too hard about.
  • Sadly this trick doesn't work with tootstream. That would be nice, wouldn't it? Of course I could also do sleep 10m && killall tootstream. That actually works pretty well.
  • Speaking of life-hacks I have a real visceral hatred of "smart quotes". Finally did something about it by looking up how others handle it and scripting that up. I created a script based on the sed line found here: I'd paste it here but unfortunately smart quotes themselves give so many things heartburn in my workflow. Here's a link to the script: unsmart.
  • We're supposed to get some nasty weather today. That should be fun.

More as I know it.