Checking In: 2023-08-01

Checking in for 2023-08-01:

  • Finished the pre-release of my Decluttering Storyworld. My goal was to create a short-form interactive story to test some theories about how interactive storytelling might work in a shorter format. Whether it works or not is yet to be determined.
  • Got our piano tuned this morning. Wow, what a difference! The last time it was tuned was in the 1990s, so it's had some time to go flat. Now it sounds like a proper instrument.
  • I have my oncologist appointment tomorrow. Will see how things are progressing.
  • Felt a little compressed this morning but realized my feelings around this are all self-made. I need to relax more into these feelings and just let them be.

Short update today. More as I know it.