Checking In: 2023-08-08

Checking in for 2023-08-08:

  • I met with Dr. Jaiyesimi today. I do this before my chemo session (which is tomorrow). He spoke with Dr. Raofi (the doctor responsible for my liver) and concurred with our assessment to let things ride until things go wrong with the position of the tumor in relationship to the bile duct.
  • I think we're also going to increase the dosage of the Lonsurf and see how things go with that.
  • They'll also order a Cancer Embryonic Antigen test next time to see how things are progressing. Think of the CEA as an overall score, where lower is better. The antigen is produced when my body is trying to get rid of cancer cells. Higher numbers = more cancer to get rid of. (note: gross oversimplification).
  • I'm tired at the moment. This has impacted my creativity where I'm not doing nearly as many creative endeavors as I might. My tasks lists are starting to creep up for even the bare minimum of things on them. I'm also not feeling excited to add more things to those lists. Going to see if I can get myself fired back up again.
  • I've been looking for images of old Unix workstations in labs as a form of comfort. What's not comforting is seeing museum placards next to them.
  • I took a nap this afternoon. I think naps are going to be a fixture in my future.

More as I know it.