Checking In: 2023-11-06

Checking in for 2023-11-06:

  • Last week my intention was to stick to my tasks. I've done pretty well with this challenge so now I'm turning my attention to falling in love with my tasks. Too often I can feel like I'm just trying to get things done without really understanding or appreciating the larger "why" of it and who I'm hoping to serve with these projects. They can also feel like drudgery (I have to get this done). So I'm going to practice with feeling the love for my projects and giving myself those moments of feeling connected to the folks reading and playing with my work.
  • Added the Komona Market to the Pepper&Carrot RPG.
  • November feels like it is in full swing now. The temperatures are barely breaking 60 degrees Fahrenheit (15.5 degrees Celsius) but at least we're still getting some of the fall sunshine. It's helping to motivate me to clean and declutter things because I want clean spaces when the sun is shining. Perhaps that's because I can see where they aren't clean or cluttered.
  • Going to play with using social media only through third party clients again. I'm finding myself spending inordinate amounts of time on social media again and using something like tootstream or tut allow me to get in and get out without getting as stuck. Will see how that plays out.
  • Getting the programmer urge again. Not sure how that will play out but am happy to see where it leads.

More as I know it.