Checking In: 2023-11-07

Checking in for 2023-11-07:

  • I've been practicing falling in love with my projects again. It's interesting to think about our relationship with our projects. Sometimes we forget why we wanted to do these things in the first place and just shove our way through them as though we're angry and frustrated that we took them on. Yesterday I did a few things that were on my lists but instead of being angry or upset that they were there I gave myself a feeling of acceptance and thought about what the outcome of those projects would be. I did some house cleaning with the thought of a cleaner house and not feeling as overwhelmed with things. I created a trade list for some games with the idea that these games will get played by others. Even if the intended audience is just ourselves isn't that enough?
  • Today I made progress on the Pepper&Carrot RPG by copying over the Chaosah Locations into the manuscript.
  • I started the process for ordering the refills for Lonsurf and Zarxio so that means another round of chemo is coming up soon. I get one day of respite tomorrow without any visits or other things required, then my Epoetin alfa (nee: Procrit) shot on Thursday, and then the weekend up until my doctor's visit on Tuesday. Hoping to use the time to catch up and give myself a small productivity boost.
  • I enlisted my parents to help with getting my car serviced. It was something that I scheduled to do back in June but unfortunately on my way there I had a containment breach while driving to the dealership. That's made me a little gun-shy of trying this again. It's gotten better where I'm not having the same issues that I was back then but it's still impacting my life and my choices. And I still have a package of unopened adult underwear sitting here waiting for me to try it on. At some point I just need to bite the bullet and put them on to see if they'll work.
  • This update is dedicated to my friend Wolfger who hates the new format of the blog. You're welcome.