Goodbye, GitHub

Apparently GitHub has abdicated being a source code repository and is "refounding" itself with it's CoPilot "A.I." "Tool".

I'm disappointed in GitHub for making this pivot from source code repository to bullshit code generation. I worked for Sourceforga and watched as GitHub went from strength to strength in making Sourceforge seem old and outdated. When Sourceforge was sold to they started putting malware into the downloads to try to get more money, and completely misunderstood who their target audience was. Microsoft seems to have done that with GitHub, thinking that their target market with GitHub is the code generation group. It's not quite the same as malware in the downloads but it's definitely misunderstanding the core audience and core reasons why folks want to use GitHub. GitHub is for developers to use to get their work done and manage their projects. It's not for trying to come up with some bullshit-franca for generating code.

I'm sure folks will disagree with me and they're welcome to. I don't care. I consider this shots fired and I don't trust GitHub any longer. I've moved as many of my projects off of GitHub and I'm not planning on using it unless I absolutely have to.

I've already moved my projects and updated my pages. I'm sure these aren't their forever homes but frankly stopping my participation with GitHub as much as possible is right for me. Count me out.