Jitsi: Issue with Firefox 117 resolved

It looks like the issue I mentioned about Jitsi and Firefox BWE issues has been resolved with the latest update for Jitsi. Specifically:

  • Enable TCC support on Firefox. TCC was disabled on older versions because of a known issue where BWE is halved on every renegotiation. The regular libwebrtc updates in Firefox seems to have fixed it. This hopefully fixes the BWE issues seen on Firefox 117.
  • fix(TPC): Revert the reverse ordering of encodings for Firefox 117 and newer. In the older versions, the SSRCs in the SDP were in reversed order, i.e., the resolution order was 1:2:4 as opposed to Chromium and other browsers. Therefore, the client was confuguring the reverse order. However, the commit https://hg.mozilla.org/mozilla-central/rev/b0348f1f8d7197fb87158ba74542d28d46133997 which was seems to have landed in Firefox 117 has reverted the reversing of the RID order. Therefore, this hack is no longer needed on the newer Firefox versions. This fixes an issue where the bridge suspends all video from Firefox to other endpoints in the call because of the reversed order of the encodings.

You can read more on the Jitsi Meet changelog.

Big thank you to the Jitsi team for figuring this out and for making the updates. I tested it out and it seems to resolve every issue I've had with Firefox and Jitsi.

This is awesome news.