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    OK, who ISN'T getting sick of this election stuff. Now I'm not sure WHO I want in office, but I do know that I want the whining and the complaining to stop! Sheesh!

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    Well, I'm off to vote, which is easier since the company I work for gave everyone the day off today to perform their civic duty. If you haven't yet, please do go vote. It's important. I won't rehash why it's important since you probably know all the reasons, but it …

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    OK, I'll tolerate having SPAM on my e-mail accounts (even ones that I don't publicize. I'll NEVER understand that), but I will NEVER tolerate having SPAM on my cell phone. I got a mobile phone for my birthday from JoDee, and today when I looked at it, it said I …

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    JoDee and I saw "Legend of Drunken Master" tonight. That was VERY worth it. I've never laughed so hard during a movie fight scene in my life. I love Jackie Chan movies!

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