1. Whirlwind of emotions

    This latest round of chemo drained me both of energy and emotionally. Part of that was the realization that I would be dealing with cancer for the foreseeable future. Add to that the uncertainty about whether I'll have surgery and what sort of surgery that will be. That left me …

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  2. Tired again

    Started round one of chemo treatments (of three) again and already I'm feeling as tired as I did near the end of my twelve-round chemo. Yesterday I crashed pretty hard after chemo (being so tired that I almost dropped the phone I was holding). That's led me to wonder how …

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  3. Flexible

    One thing that I've learned as a cancer patient (and from helping my family with medical issues) is that flexibility is key. What can get the plan one week can change with one appointment. I thought for sure that I would have a CT scan this week at the ungodly …

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  4. Clarity in uncertainty

    Today I had an appointment with my oncologist about the next steps for my cancer treatment. I was pretty scared, in part because I had a PET scan during the downtime since my last chemo treatment. We're naturally curious folks in this household so naturally we looked at the results …

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