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  1. Rush: Rush

    Right from the hard-left pan of Alex's guitar on "Finding my Way" the average Rush fan would know they're in for something different on Rush's self-titled debut album than all of the subsequent albums that followed. Indeed, this album has more "yeah"s and "baby"s than any Rush album …

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  2. Rush: Counterparts

    This past week my random Rush selecting dingus selected Counterparts as the album of the week. This was the last album that released while I was in college so it has a special place in my heart for reminding myself of that period. Counterparts was also a much heavier and …

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  3. Rush: Signals

    This week's album choice was Rush's 1982 album "Signals". For some this marks Rush's "synth" period, though I feel like that started way earlier with "A Farewell to Kings". There are definitely a lot of synthesizers in this album, and I'm sure that this album is more polarizing than most …

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