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  1. Penguicon events

    Penguicon is fast approaching, and with it are some events that I'll be presenting:

    • Podcasting 101 (April 30th, 11am): I'll be demonstrating how I put together Open Metalcast from scratch, right before your very eyes. I'll also talk about how I distribute my podcast, as well as some thoughts on …
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  2. Frankenmuth

    Mon 29 May 2006 | tags: Travel

    JoDee and I went to Frankenmuth last weekend with my parents. We had a great time, but unfortunately I didn't bring an extra set of batteries for the camera, so not many photos this time around. We ate at the Frankenmuth Brewery, where I learned that the brewery has the …

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  3. The Road to Cinci, Epilogue

    I'm extremely grateful I had the chance to make it down to CinciClassic this year. It was a great time, and I know JoDee and Ruth enjoyed getting back together to do the "girl stuff" they used to do so regularly. Lest it seem I'm bitching because of the little …

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